Bovine Surgery and Lameness 2nd Edition. We consider this book should help students in their clinical training, especially when experiencing farm animal practice for the first time, as well as new graduates, inevitably inexperienced, and those veterinarians in mixed practice who may only occasionally be called out for bovine surgical interventions.

Bovine Surgery and Lameness 2nd Edition

Bovine Surgery And Lameness 2nd Edition PDF

More emphasis is placed on animal welfare, for example in suggestions for perioperative analgesia and anti-inflammatory medication. The authors are all too well aware of the problematic national (EU, other European and North American) regulations on permissible drug usage, and also appreciate that each veterinarian has his or her own preferences.

Effective local, regional or occasional general anaesthesia is demanded today for all painful interventions in cattle. The general public, and not only the involved dairy or beef farmer, also demands that more attention be paid to food safety, and to the replacement of costly therapeutic drugs (often unavailable in developing countries) by prophylactic antimicrobials, and preferably zero drug usage. Such demands necessitate an enhanced need for good antisepsis and sterility.

Surgery may only be carried out when the condition of the patient permits it. The correct decision may be difficult, for example in right-sided abomasal disease, severe dystocia and digital surgery. Economical considerations and farm facilities must also be evaluated in each potential case.

The ever increasing risk over the last 20 years of litigation involving the veterinarian has resulted in more emphasis on the avoidance of potential disasters such as accidental injury to the animal or attendants, or unexpected sequelae to standard surgical procedures. The farm manager or attendant should always be informed beforehand of possible problems, and, we believe, could well occasionally be shown relevant sections of our text on the farm. No veterinarian should undertake any intervention when lacking the necessary confidence or knowledge. We believe bovine surgeons must understand their important role in the worldwide cattle industry today.

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