Veterinary Medical Terminology Guide and Workbook PDF. After teaching medical terminology and various other subjects for many years, I’ve noticed the lack of retention of medical terminology as students progressed into their upper-level courses.

Veterinary Medical Terminology Guide and Workbook PDF

Veterinary Medical Terminology Guide And Workbook PDF

In turn, I’ve come to appreciate the need for workbook-based materials. My quest began to find a decent medical terminology textbook that would aid the students in retention through repetition as well as act as a useful reference. The books I found for the beginner veterinary technician student and veterinary student were written at a higher level than the beginner student could comprehend or the books would go into greater detail than what was required. Perhaps it was a bit of frustration on my part and the part of my students that finally led me to this project.

Medical terminology is essential to basic understanding in the veterinary and medical fields. As students, it can be difficult to avoid the mindset that you simply just need to pass the course. However you will use these terms every day in practice as you speak with clients and co-workers, and as you write in patient files.

A basic understanding of anatomy and physiology is required to better comprehend the medical terms. Students can be easily overwhelmed with the learning of a new language coupled with the anatomy and physiology required. It is my hope that this book helps to better organize the material and ultimately simplify your learning experience. Each chapter includes exercises and case studies that will help you apply what you have learned in each chapter. It’s my recommendation that you make multiple copies of these exercises so that you can treat them as quizzes, and I hope the Website material will complement your learning experience through this book.

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