Veterinary Zootoxicology PDF Download. Snakebite and the bites and stings of other venomous animals have always captured the imagination of the public.

Veterinary Zootoxicology PDF Download

Veterinary Zootoxicology Pdf Download

Physicians have diagnosed and treated venomous bites and stings since antiquity. Likewise, veterinarians must deal with bites and stings with the added difficulty that the animal that inflicted the bite or sting usually cannot be identified. No single source of information on poisonous and venomous animals and their effects on domestic and wild animals is currently available to the veterinarian.

Some of the veterinary literature is based on data extrapolated from human envenomation reports. Such extrapolation is not always valid. Much misinfor­mation and legend are associated with writings about venomous animals.

The last decade has been the age of enlightenment as the techniques of modern technologies of biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, toxinology, and toxicology have begun to be applied to the study of complex venoms and their constituents. Investigators are beginning to unravel the mysteries of venoms. Why are some venoms so potent? What is the precise chemical structure and how does it relate to the pharmacologic effect of the venom? Many of the toxins in venoms are enzymes that catalyze fundamental reactions in metabolic pathways. A knowledge of these fundamental factors provides the framework for a more rational approach to first aid and therapy.

The biochemist or toxinologist will find the volume ludicrously superficial, but it is hoped that the practicing veterinarian, student, teacher, wildlife biolo­gist, and others who must deal with poisoning and envenomation of animals on a clinical basis may find the tools to evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage suspected or known cases of animal envenomation.

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