Lawrie’s Meat Science 8th Edition Free PDF Download. When I was contacted by the publisher to prepare the eighth edition, my first thoughts were focused on the enormous responsibility that I was assuming.

Lawrie’s Meat Science 8th Edition Free PDF Download

Lawrie's Meat Science Free PDF Download

In fact, and after talking with many colleagues, I think that most of the meat scientists worldwide have learned about meat with any of the earlier editions of Lawrie’s Meat Science book. This is the type of book that meat scientists must have on hand in their personal library. I personally learned a lot about meat science from the previous editions of this book. This is why I am so grateful to Professor Ralston Lawrie for his initiative in writing this nice book and publishing its first edition in 1966 and the following editions and also to Professor Dave Ledward for the work done in updating and expanding the recent editions of the book.

The main goal of the book is to provide the reader with a comprehensive resource, covering the wide field of meat science. This means from the production of animals, the structure of the muscle, its conversion into meat, the different technologies used for preservation and storage and the eating and nutritional quality and safety of meat through the processing industry and distribution until reaching the consumer.

The book includes leading-edge technologies (i.e., nanotechnology, novel preservation technologies) and techniques (i.e., proteomics, genomics, metabolomics) in chapters not only related with meat quality, nutritional value, and meat safety but also in other relevant issues such as traceability and authenticity, which have a strong demand from all sectors involved in “farm to fork” and have been the focus of some recent scandals not only in the European Union but also in other areas of the world.

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