Hematology Techniques and Concepts for Veterinary Technicians 2nd Edition PDF. The major reason for the preparation of this 2nd edition is to introduce the veterinary technology student to new technology, equipment, and test techniques that are becoming more available in the field of veterinary hematology.

Hematology Techniques and Concepts for Veterinary Technicians 2nd Edition

Hematology Techniques And Concepts For Veterinary Technicians 2nd Edition Pdf Download

The intent of the new edition remains the same as in the previous edition. It is an introductory overview of veterinary hematology and a guide for the student to learn the fundamental concepts of collecting, handling, preparing, and testing blood and other samples in the hematology laboratory. It is not intended as a diagnostic aid, differential disease discussion, or complete atlas of blood cells.

Although changes have been made throughout the text, the basic format of the first edition has been retained for the benefit of those currently using the book in the classroom. The major change is the addition of a new chapter, Automated Laboratory Methods and Instruments, by Dr. S. L. Swist. Since publication of the first edition, automated analyzers specifically designed for the veterinary profession have become more available, affordable, accurate, and easier to operate and are more commonly seen in veterinary clinics. This new chapter describes the various types of automatic analyzers, the basics behind their operating systems, and compares the benefits and drawbacks of their use. Dr. Swist has also added her expertise to other areas of the text.

Other changes made to the new edition include a “Key Concept” area at the beginning of each chapter to inform the reader of the major concepts being presented. Many color photographs and photomicrographs have been added to help new students recognize blood cells, techniques, and equipment of the hematology laboratory. Whenever a new term is used in the text, it is accompanied by a definition or recognizable synonym. In addition, a glossary of terms has been added at the end of the chapters with a brief description or definition of terms.

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