A Guide to Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds 2nd Revised Edition Free PDF Download. This 214-page title has been eagerly awaited by macaw breeders and pet bird owners since the first edition went out of print five years ago.

A Guide to Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds 2nd Revised Edition

A Guide To Macaws As Pet And Aviary Birds 2nd Revised Edition Pdf Download

The revision is written by the original author, Rick Jordan, together with Mark Moore-both highly respected specialist parrot breeders based at Hill Country Aviaries in Texas, USA. This facility boasts some 70 species of psittacines and has been awarded several US First Breeding awards by the American Federation of Aviculture.

Rick and Mark are both very active in conservation and provide breeders with support through their knowledge and lectures internationally. Chapters examine macaws in the wild, taxonomy, habitat and distribution, conservation initiatives and wild status.

Chapters on captive macaws detail behavioural issues, handling macaws, restraint, transportation, quarantine and hygiene, health and species characteristics, selecting macaws for breeding and choosing a young macaw to be your companion. The General Management section covers housing options, furnishings, nest boxes, security, rodent control and bird rooms. Feeding and Nutrition features details on pelleted diets, sprouted seeds, the nutritional value of fresh fruit and vegetables, and pre-breeding and breeding season diets. Breeding chapters are extensive-over 38 pages-and include sex determination, compatibility, selective breeding, courtship, nesting, eggs and clutch sizes, breeding problems, incubation, parent-rearing, artificial incubation, humidity, incubation periods, hatching, hand rearing, incubation problems and troubleshooting, chick development, preventing future behavioural problems, mutations and hybrids.

Contributing authors, Constance Woodman and Dr Bob Doneley, support the authors with their specialist expertise. Constance’s chapter, Macaws as Pet and Companion Birds, presents everything you need to know about caring for your pet macaw, including health checks for your new macaw, preparing for your new pet, restraint, harnesses, bathing, nail-clipping, enrichment through flight, housing, diet, behaviour, taming and training and behavioural problems. Dr Bob Doneley’s Health and Diseases in Macaws chapter documents infectious and non-infectious diseases that may occur according to age group-neonatal, juvenile, adult and geriatric.

All 19 species of macaw are presented in individual chapters which cover length, weight, approximate breeding age, clutch size, incubation period and fledging age. Sections detail wild habitat, description and finer captive information such as breeder suitability, pet aspects, mimicking capabilities, and the overall personality traits of each species. A Guide to Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds-Revised Edition is the major captive care title for this species available worldwide, providing the details required by breeders and pet and companion owners alike.

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