Canine Reproduction and Neonatology PDF. Breeder clients cannot be stereotyped and classified any more than the rest of your client base. The majority of our breeder clients are seeking a high level of care, both for fertility work and for emergency care. This is the client base for which this book is written.

Canine Reproduction and Neonatology PDF

Canine Reproduction And Neonatology PDF

In today’s medical climate of “evidence-based medicine”, there are still fields in veterinary care that cannot rely on this process. Although there are protocols where published and researched information can be applied, many decisions in the scope of the topics in this book are based on common sense, intuition and experience.

Many breeder clients are very well-informed and have a great deal of experience. They are often demanding and frequently require after-hours care for timed breeding, whelping, as well as pediatric and prenatal care. We look at working with these clients as a joy and a challenge. We hope you find this book to be valuable when you need a readily retrievable, practical resource.

For the veterinarian without a great deal of experience in breeding and whelping dogs, working with breeders can be a great learning experience. For veterinarians with more experience, we find the most effective way to work with these clients is to listen carefully to their opinions, guide them to a compromise with the science on your side, and never doubt their gut instincts.

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