Ovine Meat Inspection 2nd Edition – Anatomy, Physiology and Disease Condition PDF. Meat Inspection is both a science and an art, and skilled inspectors are able to make judgements on the fitness of carcases using all of the senses available to them.

Ovine Meat Inspection 2nd Edition

Ovine Meat Inspection 2nd Edition Anatomy, Physiology And Disease Condition PDF

As we move further into the twenty first century, we see the general health of the UK sheep flock improving, and we see the risks of food borne disease from meat taking on a more microbiological basis, but we must not forget the fundamentals of carcase post mortem inspection, and the valuable role undertaken by meat hygiene inspectors up and down the country.

This welcome new edition of Ovine Meat Inspection should serve as a valuable tool for veterinary students, official veterinarians and meat inspectors alike, but I would hope that breeders and stockmen would avail themselves of the vast array of information available, as we develop systems to report back the findings of post mortem inspection back to the holdings of origin.

As such, developments can be made flock health generally, and everyone involved in the meat chain, from farm to fork, can play their role in ensuring that the meat we eat comes from healthy, well cared for sheep.

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