Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals and Birds in Europe. The aim of this book is to provide a reference text on infectious diseases which affect free – living wild mammals and birds in Europe.

Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals and Birds in Europe

Infectious Diseases Of Wild Mammals And Birds In Europe

This is a broad field and currently involves many scientific disciplines including ecology, biology, wild-life management, epidemiology, animal and human health, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, virology, bacteriology, pathology, and diagnostics. A wildlife disease literature in journals covering these diverse disciplines exists in Europe; however there was a pressing need to review this, and bring the essential information together in one text.

A volume of knowledge on wildlife disease has been produced in Europe over recent decades and research on wildlife diseases has significantly increased in the last 15 years, partly due to the growing concern about new and emerging pathogens and partly through projects financed by the EU and other international organisations. This interest has also concentrated on investigations into the risks to human health (the zoonotic risks from wildlife). Several recent discoveries in the field have been published together with the gathering of large amounts of supportive information. However, this information is frequently published as specialized articles, or it deals only with local situations or individual studies rather than in the continental context. It is now apparent that these diseases must be considered from the perspective of the European continent.

This book is original because it is the first text to describe in detail the infectious diseases of wild mammals and wild birds in Europe. Its key features are that –

• It presents information on aspects of each disease or group of pathogens to provide the reader with a clear background and also covers the distinctive nature of these diseases as they occur in Europe (pathogen strains, insect vectors, reservoir species, climate, etc).
• It concentrates on the Europe – wide situation, including geographical distribution of the diseases, European wildlife species and European regulations for the diagnosis and control of the diseases.
• It describes the latest advances in veterinary diagnostics including molecular technology. Wildlife vaccination and disease surveillance techniques are described.
• I t provides practical information, for example listing the animal species in which the disease has been recorded; the samples required for diagnostic examination, the diagnostic methods and the EU community reference laboratories.
• It provides guidance on disease control measures.

This book describes each significant wildlife infectious disease. The Europe – wide information has been extracted, condensed and written by specialists in each topic. The book presents high – quality, accurate, clear and up to date information on the important aspects of the infectious diseases of wildlife. This type of information is frequently sought – after, but not always easy to locate or assimilate.

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