Now in its third edition, Equine Wound Management is the authoritative resource for both theoretical and practical information on the care of wounds in horses.

Equine Wound Management, 3rd Edition

Equine Wound Management, 3rd Edition

Wounds are among the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians in their equine patients and one of the topics least addressed during the veterinary curriculum or at continuing education meetings. Because the horse’s response to wounding differs from that of man, laboratory animals or even other veterinary patients, wound‐management textbooks used in the human healthcare field or in small animal practice cannot be relied on to provide appropriate/specific therapeutic guidelines. Moreover, the general‐purpose textbook covering equine medicine and surgery cannot possibly address the topic with the required depth because of the abundance of information on wound physiology and management now available. Consequently, the Equine Wound Management textbook is an essential reference for equine veterinarians because it provides readers with state‐of‐the‐art theoretical and practical information, enhanced by an abundance of helpful tables, line drawings, and color figures.

  • The most comprehensive resource on managing equine wounds
  • Organized by body region
  • Over 750 color photographs
  • Summaries at the beginning of each chapter and highlighted key information aid readers to rapidly find relevant information

With Dr. Ted Stashak firmly embracing a well‐earned retirement, I (Dr. Theoret) was faced with the choice of a new co‐editor willing to fill big shoes. Dr. Jim Schumacher courageously accepted the challenge and, due to his vast clinical experience and his familiarity with editorship, he has been an inestimable asset to the smooth execution of the task at hand. Together, we have striven to create a well‐balanced book that addresses the needs of students, practitioners, postgraduate veterinarians in training programs (research‐ or clinically‐oriented), and specialists (surgeons). Moreover, with the aim to make the book more reader‐friendly, practical information has been highlighted in the text in easy‐to‐spot, quick‐to‐read “tips”, and a companion interactive website posts text, questions/answers, figures, case series, “how to” videos, etc.

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