Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology, For years veterinary students, practitioners, and Residents in Dermatology have asked me where to go to find concise information and color pictures of the skin diseases of farm (“food”) animals: cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs. My answer was: “There ain’t no such place.”

Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology

Color Atlas Of Farm Animal Dermatology

To my knowledge, the only textbook ever devoted to the skin diseases of farm animals (it also included horses) was Large Animal Dermatology.1 This book was published in 1988, and was mostly in black and white. My colleague and friend, Bill Miller, and I finally updated the equine portion in 2003.2 Then people started asking me “When are you gonna write a new edition of Large Animal Dermatology?” My response was, and still is, “In my next lifetime.” However, the idea of putting together an atlas of farm animal skin diseases—wherein color photographs and concise historical and physical information could be found in one place—appealed to me.

This, then, is my attempt to pull those aspects of the skin dis-eases of cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs together. A “short list” of reasonable differential diagnoses is provided. The essence of definitive diagnosis is presented. Therapy, prevention, and control are not addressed. The reader will have to dig into the references and current textbooks to pursue such information.

The text is divided into four sections—bovine, caprine, ovine, and porcine—so that individuals interested in a particular species can dive right in. Because I did not have pictures of certain laboratory specimens from all four species, I have occasionally used the same photomicrograph of pus, the same louse, the same skin scraping, and so forth for multiple species. Oh, well. Ya know, at some level pus is pus and Sarcoptes is Sarcoptes.

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