Calf Rearing – A Practical Guide, Provides information on growth, nutrition, health and behavior as well as descriptions of various calf raising systems and facilities.

Calf Rearing – A Practical Guide

Calf Rearing A Practical Guide Landlinks Press

Calf rearing systems play a critical role in ensuring an ongoing productive and profitable dairy herd. Systems vary from complex, labour intensive approaches to simple ad lib provision of milk and pasture.

Many dairy farmers could raise additional heifers and increase the opportunities for genetic gain in their herds or participate in other developing market opportunities. Other dairy farmers could improve their calf rearing techniques to ensure their replacements reach the necessary size and maturity to be useful first year players.

It is important that dairy farmers understand some of the biology of calf nutrition and development to assist making the decision on what is the most appropriate for each farm.

This book provides farmers with the necessary information in an easy-to-read format to understand calf biology, evaluate alternative feed resources and to develop a full management strategy for calf rearing. The first edition, published in 1993, has now been updated to include the latest information on calf rearing, specifically for Australian conditions. This information will assist calf rearers to maximize their returns from investment of time and cash in tomorrow’s herd.

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