Color Atlas of Veterinary Ophthalmology 2nd Edition, This second edition has added chapters and more than doubled the color clinical photographs from the first edition.

Color Atlas of Veterinary Ophthalmology, 2nd Edition

Color Atlas Of Veterinary Ophthalmology 2e

The first two new chapters are divided into: clinical anatomy with emphasis on the gross morphology and ophthalmic structures the clinician encounters during his/her clinical examination, and ophthalmic diagnostics most useful in general practice. Chapter 3 illustrates the different ophthalmic tissue responses to diseases common all animals, followed with chapters on canine ophthalmology (Chapters 4–13), feline ophthalmology (Chapter 14), equine ophthalmology (Chapter 15); food and fiber animal ophthalmology (Chapter 16); pet exotic animal ophthalmology (Chapter 17); systemic diseases with ophthalmic manifestations in the dog, cat, horse, and food animals (Chapter  18); and neuro‐ophthalmology with emphasis on clinical syndromes (Chapter 19). Appendix 1 is a glossary or condensed selection of ophthalmic words, to assist the reader with sometimes confusing nomenclature (derived from the Greek rather than Latin).

Ophthalmology is heavily based on direct clinical examination and diagnostics, and hence often photographed. This heavily pictorial text introduces the veterinary medical student and veterinary practitioner to clinical veterinary ophthalmology based on the clinical appearances of the diseases that one would encounter in small and large animal practice. When possible, multiple photographs of selected ophthalmic diseases are included to demonstrate the different stages of these diseases as presented to the clinician, and when medical and/or surgical therapies alter their appearance.

In contrast to most color atlases, we have provide a comprehensive text describing each ophthalmic disease (history, clinical findings, diagnosis, recommended therapy, and prognosis) as well as many species, including dog, cat, horse, cattle, and exotic animals. As a result, this color atlas has the largest collection of clinical photographs currently available in a single book, and for many readers a reasonably complete ophthalmic reference for your veterinary medical library and clinic.

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