Pure Poultry is the first book in nearly a hundred years to focus specifically on heritage breeds of chickens, turkeys, and ducks and their role in a self-reliant lifestyle.

Pure Poultry: Living Well with Heritage Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks

Pure Poultry Living Well With Heritage Chickens Turkeys And Ducks

Houdan. Nankin. Indian Runner. Naragansett. These may sound like exotic place names or unusual varieties of produce, but each actually refers to one of the many hundreds of lesser-known poultry breeds that tempt the livestock owner who’s prepared to venture into less familiar territory. Providing an alternative to commercial breeds and hybrids, heritage breeds each boast their own unique set of characteristics and personality traits, and are a valuable (and entertaining) addition to a sustainable food system.

This timely, beautifully illustrated resource includes:Detailed guidelines on everything from housing, breeding, and day-to-day care, to processing, cooking, and preservingMuch-needed information on using heritage breeds for egg and meat productionTips, inspiration, recommended reading, and additional resources A unique planning worksheet that simplifies the process of starting out with poultry

Brimming with quiet humor, Pure Poultry is an immensely readable “how-to and why-to” based entirely on personal experience—including plenty of lessons learned the hard way. Pure Poultry shows how heritage-breed poultry can enhance and deepen anyone’s quality of life, whether you have a farm, a small backyard, or a neighbor with space to share.

Pure Poultry is not just another how-to book about raising poultry. As you follow the story of the Millers’s first few years with their birds, it will help you learn whether raising heritage poultry might work in your particular situation. Included is a detailed worksheet designed to walk you through the process of making the right choices, and to ensure you and your family are prepared to begin raising poultry. In this book, you will experience the humble wisdom of the Millers that makes homesteading with heritage breeds successful and how “simple” can be an exceptionally rewarding lifestyle. Sit back, enjoy, and learn!

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