Feline Medicine: Self-Assessment Color Review, It is often said that there is nothing so certain as change, and that is undoubtedly true in the field of veterinary science.

Feline Medicine: Self-Assessment Color Review

Self Assessment Colour Review Of Feline Medicine

The plethora of veterinary textbooks now devoted to feline medicine illustrates the importance that cats have assumed as domestic pets. The quantity and depth of knowledge of feline diseases is constantly developing, and there is no doubt that by the time you read this, some of the information in this book will already be out of date – for that we apologize! Nevertheless, we have attempted to draw together questions and answers on a very broad range of feline disorders that we hope will be stimulating, interesting, and informative.

We hope this book will be of value to students, practitioners, and those studying for postgraduate clinical qualifications. By its nature, it cannot be a comprehensive handbook of feline medicine, yet we have tried to give sufficient breadth of coverage to make it of real practical benefit.

Questions are arranged randomly (with an index of topics to allow specific types of questions to be located), and each is followed by its answer. Each question is independent of any others, thus the book can be dipped into as desired. Individuals or groups of clinicians can work through the questions, and a problem-solving approach has been encouraged throughout.

The questions contain illustrations of the patient, radiographs, cytology, and so on, which we hope will add to the value of the text as well as make it more interesting to read. We have endeavoured to maintain accuracy throughout this book, but recognize that in many cases there may not be a definitive correct answer, and this therefore represents our own approach to diagnosis and management of medical cases. For convenience, we have included both conventional (American) and SI units for laboratory data in the text, and reference ranges are given, where appropriate, to allow interpretation of the data.

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