Applied Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians 5th Edition

by Boyce P. Wanamaker, Kathy Massey in March 2014

New features have been added to the fifth edition to aid the student and technician in the study and application of

Applied Pharmacology For Veterinary Technicians, 5th Edition pharmacology. All of the drug information through-out the book has been updated and new drugs that have entered the market since the publication of the fourth edition have been included to keep you current with the newest pharmacologic agents and their uses, adverse side effects, and dosage forms. Scientific advances in the area of stem cell treatment have been added to the chapter on immunologic drugs. Coverage of fluid therapy has been expanded to prepare veterinary technicians for the role they play in fluid, electrolyte, and therapeutic nutritional therapy, which can be critically important to the outcome of a case. The fifth edition is now in color, bringing important concepts to life.

The Evolve student resources offer the following features to reinforce textbook content and help students master key concepts:

• Drug Administration Videos: Twelve narrated video clips demonstrate drug administration technique (oral, injectable, inhaled) and IV preparation for dogs and cats
• Drug Calculators with Related Exercises: Six drug calculators with accompanying word problems help students perform accurate drug calculations
• Drug Label Image Collection: Over 135 photos of drug labels, divided by chapters and organized alphabetically, help students become familiar with drug information and packaging encountered in practice
• Animations: Animations of pharmacologic processes, such as passive diffusion and receptor interaction, help students visualize and understand key concepts
• Dosage Calculation Exercises: Exercises reinforce calculations skills and provide valuable practice in the areas of:
• Drug Calculation Methods
• Oral and Enteral Medication Administration
• Intravenous Infusion
• Critical Care Calculations
• Answers to Review Questions: Answers to the chapter review questions allow students to gauge comprehension of key topics
Our intent in writing this book has been to combine the comprehensiveness of a veterinary pharmacology textbook with the coverage of pharmacologic fundamentals needed by veterinary technicians. No longer will veterinary technician educators have to draw from two sources for this type of coverage. The scope and organization of the information in this book will make it a useful reference for the practicing technician as well.

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