Aflatoxin analysis of Feed in Nutrition Lab

Aflatoxin analysis of Feed is one of the commonly performed test in nutrition labs, Aflatoxin analysis is important because ruminant and poultry are greatly affected by mycotoxins.

Hello everyone, My name is Dr. Kashif Amin and today we will discuss about Aflatoxin analysis of Feed in Nutrition Lab.

What is Aflatoxin?

Aflatoxin is a poisonous chemical substance formed by molds which grow in decaying vegetation and grains. Ruminants and poultry fed on contaminated food can pass aflatoxin products into meat, eggs and milk.

Principle of Aflatoxin Analysis:

Samples are prepared by mixing with an extraction solution, blending and filtering. The extract  is then applied to the Afla B™ column bound with specific antibodies to Aflatoxin. At this  stage, the Aflatoxin binds to the antibody on the column. The column is then washed with water  to rid the immunoaffinity column of impurities. By passing methanol through the column, the  Aflatoxin is removed from the antibody. This methanol solution can then be injected into an  HPLC system or measured in a Flourometer.

Apparatus for aflatoxin analysis:

  • Fluorometer
  • Weighing balance
  • Blender
  • Filter paper
  • Stand
  • Funnel
  • Pippete 1 ml
  • Volumetric cylinder
  • Presuure pump
  • Cuvette


  • Nacl
  • Methanol
  • Distilled water
  • Alfa-B column
  • Afla developer (bromine solution)


  1. Take 50 gram sample 
  2. add 5 grams sodium chloride
  3. then add 80 ml methanol and 20 ml distilled water with the help of volumetric cylinder in blender
  4. add sample and nacl mixture in blender
  5. Now blend it
  6. after blending, filter it with the help of filter paper and take only 1o ml filterate in volumetric flask
  7. add 40 ml distilled water in it
  8. take 2 ml from solution and put in apparatus where column is attached
  9. a fluorescence present in column which capture aflatoxin
  10. this 2 ml solution filtered through it
  11. add 10 ml distilled water for washing through syringe
  12. Prepare the afla developer (0.9ml distilled water and 0.1 ml developer) pass it through apparatus
  13. Toxin is accumulated at the end of column, when all material passed through column add 1 ml methanol in will dissolve aflatoxin in it.
  14. collect this methanol in cuvette
  15. place in fluorometer and note the reading
  16. Reading is in Parts per billion
Aflatoxin analysis of Feed in Nutrition Lab
Aflatoxin analysis of Feed in Nutrition Lab

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