Veterinary Histology of Domestic Mammals and Birds 5th Edition, A full colour atlas of veterinary histology images with accompanying text, covering domestic mammals and birds. It provides a peerless collection of diagrams, schematics, colour micrographs and electron microscope images, plus online access to a further 900 colour images.

Veterinary Histology of Domestic Mammals and Birds 5th Edition

Veterinary Histology Of Domestic Mammals And Birds 5th Edition

The author presents information from both a structural and functional perspective. This applied approach highlights the importance of understanding histology as a basis for identifying disease.

Translated from the German edition, Veterinary Histology of Domestic Mammals and Birds 5th Edition is an excellent atlas for veterinary students and veterinary school libraries.

Preface: Veterinary Histology of Domestic Mammals and Birds 5th Edition

Veterinary Histology of Domestic Mammals and Birds is a translation of the 5th edition of the German volume Funktionelle Histologie der Haussäugetiere und Vögel, a combined textbook and colour atlas designed for students and practising veterinarians. For several decades, this format has been very well received. The publication of an English language version aims to extend its reach to an international audience.

The primary objective in developing this book was to help students, veterinary practitioners and researchers attain a better understanding of histology. A further goal was to take an interdisciplinary approach, creating links with macroscopic anatomy and physiology. This strategy made histology more accessible to students and clinicians and enabled the reader to develop a greater appreciation of the overarching relationships between the structure and function of organs and organ systems.

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The current edition highlights the considerable importance of histology as a foundation for comprehending related fields of science and medicine. With around 600 colour photos, a multitude of electron microscope images, comprehensive colour schematics and a generous supply of tabulated information, the book helps to create a ‘picture’ of the relationships between form and function, and draws attention to the aspects of histology that are most pertinent to students and practising veterinarians. This version, like its German language predecessors, is thus intended to be much more than just a ‘histo book’ that helps students to study and prepare for examinations.

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