Dog Breeding Whelping and Puppy Care 1st Edition

 by Gary England, File Type: PDF

Dog Breeding Whelping And Puppy Care
Year: 2013

A practical and up-to-date guide to canine reproduction for dog breeders, veterinary students and veterinary surgeons. Written in an easy-to-use style and presented in a practically useful format with clear illustrations. The information is supported by references from the author’s published work and his wealth of clinical experience to form the important authoritative text in this field. A vital aid to those seeking an understanding of normal and abnormal reproduction as well as common reproductive techniques.

All in all, the book would be a valuable addition for those seeking further information about canine reproduction, rather than a practical manual for veterinary surgeons, which may be found in some of Dr England’s other published work. I believe that the author has made a major contribution to the veterinary literature with this book. It is a useful, one-of-a-kind clinical handbook that is well worth the price and should be on the shelf of any veterinarian, veterinary student, or breeder who is involved or interested in the reproductive management of dogs.

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This is a valuable addition to any clinician’s or student’s library, as it is a very detailed, easy-to-read book covering the aspects of canine reproduction that a veterinary surgeon is likely to come across in day-to-day general practice. Gary England is himself a veterinarian specializing in animal reproduction and has worked with dogs for 25 years: his clinical experience blends with his published works to make for an important wide-ranging consideration of normal and abnormal reproduction and techniques, and is a pick for any veterinary collection.

This is an excellent, easily read textbook, which is a ‘must have’ for veterinary students, where in many UK veterinary schools the discipline of clinical reproduction has been neglected in the undergraduate curriculum in recent years, particularly compared with those in mainland Europe and the USA. It will also be a useful addition to required reading for veterinary nurses and, without doubt, serious dog breeders.

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