Veterinary Surgery – A Practical Guide

by P.B. Patel, A.M. Patel

Veterinary Surgery A Practical Guide
January 2016

A concise practical note as per new Veterinary Council of India syllabus for Veterinary Surgery and Radiology is demand since long from undergraduate students, teachers and field Veterinarians. Non availability of such publication and high cost are constraints for students and field Veterinarians.

Veterinary Surgery- A practical guide is basically prepared as per new VCI syllabus for students and field veterinarians. It comprised three units (I. General Veterinary Surgery, Anesthesiology and Diagnostic Imaging. II. Regional Veterinary Surgery. III. Veterinary Orthopedics and Lameness).

This book contains more than 80 illustrations include different surgical instrument, suturing techniques, anesthetic sites for nerve block and surgical sites for abdominal surgery. This book is very useful for day to day practice for veterinarians.

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A practical guideline for the graduating scholars and field veterinarians in the veterinary professional particularly in the subject of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology was the demand of time since long. The book “Veterinary Surgery – A Practical Guide” fulfills almost all the requirements as per VCI guidelines for the courses pertaining to General Surgery, Anaesthesiology and diagnostic imaging. Authors have also justified the practical view point during clinical surgery based on their rich experience in the clinical fields.

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