A Field Manual of Camel Diseases PDF


A Field Manual of Camel Diseases PDF. This manual aims to fill this gap by providing comprehensive information on camel diseases with special reference to a low-technology environment.

A Field Manual of Camel Diseases PDF

A Field Manual Of Camel Diseases PDF

It is intended for all those who deal with camels under pastoral or low-income conditions: veterinarians, para veterinarians, livestock workers, extension workers, NGO staff, teachers and students who work with camel herders and deal with camels. This is a broad group.

Accordingly, the text is written in simple language. We have avoided jargon wherever possible: we write ‘inject into the muscle’ instead of ‘intramuscular application’, and ‘dislocated kneecap’ rather than ‘luxation of the patella’. It is impossible in a book on animal diseases to avoid using any technical terms. But where a technical term cannot be avoided, we explain it in the text. The glossary provides further explanations of technical terms, or other words that the reader may come across while dealing with camels and their diseases.

The book also contains many line drawings so that it will be useful for those both with and without formal veterinary training.

Some veterinarians may regard the advice on such subjects as surgery, laboratory tests and other procedures as oversimplified, too complex or difficult to do in the field, or not appropriate for people without formal veterinary training. We have included this information for two reasons:

  • Readers may be called on to treat a sick camel in a remote location, where they cannot call on the services of a qualified veterinarian. The camel is a valuable one, and it will clearly die if nothing is done. In such a situation, it may be better to attempt a procedure (after consulting with the owner and warning him or her of the dangers), rather than to do nothing. In these instances, the advice in this book may prove useful.
  • This book may be used in training courses for veterinarians and paravets. There is, sadly, a major lack of simple, easy-to-understand information on how to perform such procedures as giving an injection or stitching a wound. We hope that the clear, simply written instructions will help students understand these procedures and will lead to fewer mistakes.

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