A Practical Manual of Veterinary Andrology & Reproductive Techniques

A Practical Manual of Veterinary Andrology & Reproductive Techniques

by M K Tandle & R G Bijurkar Mohteshamuddin, Khaja, Published: January 1, 2015, Filetype: PDF

A Practical Manual Of Veterinary Andrology & Reproductive Techniques

This book is not an original piece of work by the authors. The material given in this book is from a collection from different national and international sources, including the authors own experiences and practical knowledge and expertise derived working in India or studied in Abroad. The book deals with a multi-pronged approach on various facets of Veterinary Andrology & Reproductive Techniques.

Wherever required, clear illustrations or tables are given to supplement the text and hasten the conceptual realization of the subject. The book is intended not only as a readymade tool for Veterinary students across India, but will also serve as an excellent handy material for the Field Veterinarians/researchers across the country. The procedures or techniques are explained in a very simple and easily understandable language. The text is supplemented by standard formulas and standard values, wherever necessary. Veterinary Andrology And Artificial Insemination In Domestic Animals

After each chapter, student assignments/exercise has been given, which consists of the practical interpretation of the concepts or techniques explained in the text. Hence, this will be a pleasurable activity for the students to attend to the exercise, and will reduce the work burden on the course teacher involved.

As this course is a very important course, both at the institution and also at field level, hence, every care has been taken to present the topics in a very easy and understandable manner, so that it should be easily digested by the students and in the same way should be easily explainable by the teachers involved in teaching this course.

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