Abdominal Radiology For The Small Animal Practitioner


Abdominal Radiology Contain Indications for radiography, techniques for better radiographs, normal anatomy, abnormal opacities, roentgen signs of abdominal masses, lay-flat binding for practical use in the clinic.

Abdominal Radiology For The Small Animal Practitioner

Abdominal Radiology For The Small Animal Practitioner

The goals of this book are to help the reader acquire good techniques for making and interpreting radiographs of the abdomen, and to give the reader a good basic knowledge of special procedures available to gain additional diagnostic information. Although ultrasonography has added immeasurable diagnostic capability, abdominal radiography frequently can yield additional information by providing a panoramic view of the abdomen and by allowing examination of tissues hidden from the ultrasound beam by bone or gas.

Some Helpful Hints

The following icons are used in this book to indicate important concepts:

  • Routine. This feature is routine, something you should know.
  • Important. This concept strikes at the heart of the matter.
  • Key. This concept is a key one and is necessary for full understanding.
  • Stop. This statement appears to be simple but is more important than you might think.

Indications for Abdominal Radiography

✓ Vomiting
✓ Abdominal pain
✓ Regurgitation
✓ Palpable abdominal mass
✓ Diarrhea
✓ Hematuria/dysuria
✓ Tenesmus
✓ Herniations
✓ Rectal bleeding
✓ Suspected foreign body
✓ Staging of neoplasia
✓ Geriatric examination
✓ Others by clinical judgement

Signs should be recorded as a description of what you see, particularly things that are abnormal. Describe your findings in terms of opacity, size, shape, position, margins, and intraluminal/extraluminal.

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