Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care


Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care PDF. The disciplines of small animal emergency medicine and critical care have grown significantly in the past decade.

Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care

Advanced Monitoring And Procedures For Small Animal Emergency And Critical Care PDF

There are many references available that describe the diagnosis and medical treatment of problems encountered in small animal emergency and critical care practice. However, none is dedicated specifically to the daily hands-on practice of the specialties: for instance, the placement and maintenance of arterial catheters and the interpretation of direct pressure waveform they provide, or the nursing care required to maintain a patient on long-term mechanical ventilation (what do all those buttons on the ventilator do, anyway?).

We believe the veterinary community would benefit from a single reference written by informed, experienced people to improve and expand the standard of care, and we hope this text-book serves that purpose. The experienced veterinarian and veterinary technician contributors to Advanced Procedures and Monitoring for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care have provided herein a well-referenced textbook that we believe contains useful information on the “non-medicine” aspects of ECC practice, from practice design to technical procedures and nursing care to interpretation of monitoring results.

The textbook is organized roughly by organ system or general topic, but there is considerable overlap in some areas. For instance, some authors of device insertion chapters included a maintenance section, and maintenance of that device may also be covered in another chapter specifically on insertion site maintenance or artificial airway maintenance, and so on.

Standardized protocols are included for procedures for which they were deemed useful and appropriate. These protocols are based on best-available evidence and guidelines, and where such citations were unavailable or inappropriate, they are based on author experience. We hope these protocols will help raise and equalize the standard of care across our profession, and serve as the backbone for a protocol book to use in your emergency or critical care practice.

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