Anatomy of the Horse PDF by Budras, Sack and Bock


Anatomy of the Horse PDF, With our three-volume work on the Anatomy of the Dog (1), of the Horse (2), and of the Bovine (3), we pursue the goal to show the structure of the body by illustrations that are true to nature accompanied by a brief accompanying text.

Anatomy of the Horse PDF by Budras, Sack and Bock

Anatomy Of The Horse PDF

We do this in such a way that practical matters are emphasized and irrelevant clinical and functional details are only mentioned. Generally valid principles, which hold for all species with only slight species-specific differences, as for example the general anatomy of the autonomic nervous system, can be found in the Anatomy of the Dog (Vol. 1).

With the ever increasing importance of the horse as partner, helper, and sporting companion, we wanted with this submission of the second volume to emphasize the esthetics, grace and genial functionality of the structure of the body but also to emphasize in our book the susceptibility to diseases in all its naturalness. At the same time, we wanted to create an attractive basic contribution to animal health and a practice-related curriculum concept.

In the newest edition presented here, the comprehensive and thorough revision of both the text and the figures was continued. A main objective was to join more closely the three areas, namely the topographical-anatomical main part with the clinical-functional contributions and the special anatomy in the form of tables into a uniform total concept, doing this by copious illustration and descriptive references.

The well-tried didactic concept of the nexus between descriptive and illustrative elements on respective opposite pages of the book was understandably retained and further developed. In the topographical main part, additions and improvements are concentrated in the important, clinically significant, subjects such as the skin, the hoof and its suspensory apparatus with links to founder, head with pharynx and guttural pouch as well as the larynx, and arteries, veins and nerves of the pelvic cavity as also the perineal region in regards to obstetrics.

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