Animal Andrology: Theories and Applications

Animal Andrology: Theories and Applications

Editor(s) Chenoweth, P., Lorton, S. Year 2014, File Type: PDF

Animal Andrology Theories And Applications

This book contains 19 chapters that discuss theoretical and applied andrology for domestic, zoo and wild animals. Topics include semen and its constituents; sperm production and harvest; determinants of sperm morphology; sperm preparation for fertilization; practical aspects of semen cryopreservation; evaluation of semen in the andrology laboratory; genetic aspects of male reproduction; emerging techniques and future development of semen evaluation and handling and applied andrology in cats, dogs, fowls, turkeys, sheep, goats, cervids, horses, cattle, zebu, buffaloes, pigs, camelids, zoo animals and wild animals. Download More: Vertebrates: Comparative Anatomy, Function, Evolution – 6th Edition

It will be of use for those teaching animal physiology at a tertiary level and a reference for those interested in male animal reproductive evaluation, performance and in semen evaluation, handling and use for artificial breeding.

Understanding animal andrology is fundamental to optimizing genetic breeding traits in domestic and wild animals. This book provides extensive coverage of male reproductive biology, discussing the essentials of sperm production, harvest, and preservation before covering the applications to a range of animals including cattle, horses, pigs, small ruminants, camelids, cats and dogs, poultry, and exotic species. It also examines the laboratory procedures that provide the basis of general fertility research.

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Book Name: Animal Andrology: Theories and Applications
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