Animal Oncology 1st Edition

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Animal Oncology 1st Edition

 by S Sivaseelan, Published January 2020, FileType: PDF

Animal Oncology 1st Edition

Veterinary Oncology is considered as a mystery by the veterinary students as well as practitioners owing to the fact that a completely comprehensive book written in simple language covering the pertinent information is highly lacking. Mastering Abdominal Ultrasound in Dogs and Cats

I have self-experienced that veterinary students are not in the position to understand this aspect of pathology just by imaginations alone. Hence, clear illustrations on each and every aspect of veterinary oncology would inculcate better knowledge on this subject.

This book has two portions namely General Oncology and Special Oncology. General Oncology deals with the general concepts of neoplasms in 14 Chapters. Special Oncology illustrates specific neoplasms pertaining to different body systems in 35 Chapters. Special Oncology has been fortified with 155 colour photographs that have been taken from various tumour cases diagnosed by me over a period of more than 10 years. These photographs with their legends will make students and practitioners to understand about almost all neoplasms that occur in Livestock and Poultry easily. Research articles published by us pertaining to certain tumours have also been included for the interest of oncology researches.

Confirmation of tumour has been remaining as a Herculean task even today, because to finalize a tumour, an experienced Pathologist should observe and analyze so many parameters like cell type, size, shape, its relation with adjacent cells, status of inter-cellular space, presence of inflammatory cells and their type, RBCs, parasites, bacteria, any other pathogen, status of cytoplasm, nucleus, nucleolus, presence of mitotic figures and inclusions etc.

The World Health Organization and World Health Animal Organization-approved, Gold standard technique to finalize a growth/swelling/mass/tumour is Histopathological reading that must be done by a pathologist, not even by a highly sophisticated machine right now in the world. This fact would be well understood by any veterinary student or practitioner who is reading this book.

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