Animal Restraint for Veterinary Professional 2nd Edition

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Animal Restraint for Veterinary Professional 2nd Edition

by C. C. Sheldon, Teresa F. Sonsthagen, James Topel, Year 2016, File Type: PDF

Animal Restraint For Veterinary Professional 2nd Edition

This book was designed to provide a pictorial guide to common animal restraints. This text demonstrates accepted veterinary handling and restraint techniques drawn from our personal experiences and time-tested handling and restraint techniques used by the veterinary profession. It also integrates handling and restraint theory with step- by-step discussion and digital camera images.

We hope that this text can be used both as a resource for veterinary students and veterinary technician students and as a reference for the “experienced” veterinary professional. In our experience, understanding animal behavior is paramount when refining animal restraint techniques. We hope that this text is used in conjunction with the many references available on animal behavior.

The text has been divided into an introduction, a chapter on knots used for restraint, and nine chapters discussing handling and restraint techniques for the more common animals seen in the veterinary clinic and visited on farm calls. In addition, resources are included at the end of each chapter that may be referenced for additional handling and restraint techniques used in the veterinary profession. Download More: Restraint and Handling for Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

We acknowledge that every animal is unique and each restraint situation must be handled differently. Both animal and handler stress can be reduced through calm preparation and better understanding of animal behavior. Though individual restraint techniques may vary among veterinary practitioners, the common theme of safety for human and animal must underlie all restraint.

  • Step-by-step guidelines make it easy to understand safe, proper restraint procedures.
  • Over 500 full-color photographs illustrate restraint procedures.
  • A clear, non-technical writing style along with descriptive photographs simplifies animal restraint concepts.
  • Comprehensive coverage in each chapter includes normal and abnormal behavior characteristics, precautions, special handling, restraint devices, and descriptions of medical procedures ― such as venipuncture ― for which special restraint procedures are necessary.
  • Restraint Principles chapter summarizes the considerations for restraint, animal safety, circumstances for restraint, the effect of restraint on animals, and complications.
  • Knot Tying chapter presents basic types of knots that may be used to safely restrain larger animals.
  • UPDATED chapters include behavioral observations describing what to look for in the animal being restrained.
  • NEW full-color photographs accompany new restraint procedures for various species.
  • NEW! Alternative restraint techniques are added, accompanied by step-by-step photos.

Inherent to all animal restraint is the understanding of animal behavior so that we can continually refine our technique to improve the animal’s and handler’s experience. A lifelong study of animal behavior is required for all who work with animals.

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