Animal Welfare in a Changing World


Animal Welfare in a Changing World

Edited by: Andrew Butterworth, September 2018, File Type: PDF

Animal Welfare In A Changing World

Contemporary and challenging, this thought-provoking book outlines a number of the key dilemmas in animal welfare today and tomorrow. The key issues range from the welfare of fur and fashion animals, to debates around intensive farming versus sustainability and climate change, to animals in tourism, rodeos, races and fiestas. The human-animal welfare impact is explored, including human impact on marine mammals, fish, wildlife, companion and farm animals, together with our impact on zoo and laboratory animals.

Animal Welfare in a Changing World provides

Concise, opinion-based views on important issues in animal welfare by world experts and key opinion leaders.
Pieces based on experience, which balance evidence-based approaches and the welfare impacts of direct engagement through training, campaigning and education.

A wide-ranging collection of examples and descriptions of animal welfare topics which outline dilemmas in the real world, that are sometimes challenging, and not always comfortable reading.

This is a ‘must-read’ book for animal and veterinary scientists, ethologists, policy and opinion leaders, NGOs, conservation biologists and anyone who feels passionately about the welfare of animals

The writing in each chapter is personal, some-times very opinionated, and is an amalgam of fact, experience, science and opinion. Some people will not like this ‘style’, as the pieces are neither ‘journal review papers’ nor ‘journalism’ but something which is somewhere in between. Download More: Canine and Feline Fracture Repair and Management 2nd Edition

This book does not try to bring much, if any, new science to the debate. There are many hundreds, even thousands, of papers and books, which do that well. The pieces are, however, ‘referenced’ or have a ‘bibliography’, and each author could choose either route to indicate where their information was sourced. The authors had the freedom to describe experiences, without the absolute requirement for all that they describe to be fully tied to ‘referenced justification’ for every moment of content.

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Book Name: Animal Welfare in a Changing World
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