Animals, Health, and Society, Health Promotion

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Animals, Health, and Society, Health Promotion, Harm Reduction

 by Craig Stephen, December 2020, FileType: PDF

Animals, Health, And Society, Health Promotion, Harm Reduction, And Health Equity In A One Health World

The purpose of this book is to encourage us to borrow, adapt, and modify perspectives, methods, and tools across different health sectors to empower people to make choices that concurrently benefit the health of animals, societies, and ecosystems.

This collection of chapters provided by a diverse group of authors hopes to inspire people to see win-win-win solutions when confronting health challenges in a One Health world. Decisions usually have winners and losers. Too often in the past and in the present, those with power and with a voice win, while others like other species and future generations lose. Veterinary Surgical Oncology PDF

The global forces shaping societies and ecosystems no longer allow us the luxury of having an unbalanced tally sheet of winners and losers. Concurrently, promoting and protecting the health of ourselves, each other, and our fellow travelers on Earth now must be a priority. Reacting to harms as they emerge is no longer a viable or sustainable option in the Anthropocene.

The harms are coming too fast, are spread too far over space and time, and are compounding, preventing human and animal communities to keep up and continue to thrive in a time of unprecedented change. Many books on animal health, One Health, and ecosystems health have taken a deficits approach, focusing on adverse outcomes like diseases and hazards like pathogens or pollutants. This book strives to broaden the continuum of care we offer in One Health and allied fields by encouraging health-focused approaches that emphasize building capacities, skills, and resources needed to cope with the Anthropocene in advance of harms.

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