Atlas of Surgical Approaches for Soft Tissue and Oncologic Diseases in the Dog and Cat

by Marije Risselada, June 2020, FileType: PDF

Atlas Of Surgical Approaches For Soft Tissue And Oncologic Diseases In The Dog And Cat

This book offers practical guidance to making approaches for surgery to treat soft tissue and oncologic conditions in canine and feline patients. Every approach is outlined with step-by-step descriptions on how to handle the incision and covers indications and patient positioning. Detailed, high-quality medical illustrations are also included for each, and topics are logically laid out with images on the left and text on the right. 3D Joint Anatomy In Dogs, Main Joint Pathologies and Surgical Approaches

Atlas of Surgical Approaches to Soft Tissue starts with a chapter on or maxillofacial approaches, followed by chapters covering the cervical area and ear, forelimb, hindlimb, thorax, and abdomen. The book finishes with complete coverage of the approaches to the perineal area and pelvic canal and digits and tail, making it an excellent guide for surgeons to plan and execute their approach to soft tissue and oncologic diseases.

    • Describes the complete approach to surgical incisions for soft tissue and oncologic disease, with alternative positions or approaches where appropriate
    • Provides a high-quality medical line drawing depicting each approach
  • Offers practical guidance for surgeons to direct their approach during surgery
  • Covers indications, patient positioning, and step-by-step summaries of each approach
  • Follows a logical two-page layout with text on one side and illustrations on the other

Atlas of Surgical Approaches to Soft Tissue is an essential reference for any veterinary surgeon or clinician treating soft tissue and oncologic diseases surgically.

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