Backyard Poultry Medicine and Surgery: A Guide for Veterinary Practitioners, 2nd Edition

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Backyard Poultry Medicine and Surgery: A Guide for Veterinary Practitioners, 2nd Edition

by Teresa Y. Morishita, Cheryl B. Greenacre, FileType: PDF

Backyard Poultry Medicine And Surgery A Guide For Veterinary Practitioners, 2nd Edition

You can look to Backyard Poultry Medicine and Surgery, Second Edition for practical veterinary information on the treatment of poultry. You’ll find six new chapters covering radiology, toxicology, euthanasia, gross pathology, behavior, and emergency medicine. The book is written by some of the most respected specialists in a broad range of fields.

With many original chapters also significantly expanded, the book provides a complete guide to all aspects of husbandry, medicine, and surgery for poultry. Diseases are organized by body systems to aid in developing a diagnosis. This book supports your work as a practitioner, whether you treat birds occasionally or regularly.

  • Review information on the topics of husbandry, medicine, and surgery
  • Gain guidance on developing a diagnostic or treatment plan for the individual or small flock of poultry
  • Choose appropriate doses of labeled and extra-label drugs
  • Find new chapters on emergency medicine, toxicology, euthanasia, gross pathology, normal and abnormal radiographic findings, and other key topics
  • Use color photographs to aid in breed identification and poultry disease diagnoses
  • View photographs, videos, and linked references and websites on an accompanying website

This is an essential and comprehensive guide providing enhanced and updated information to support all types of practitioners—from the dedicated avian veterinarian to those who rarely treat these species. Poultry Diseases Production and Its Management

This book describes diseases of backyard poultry organized by body systems so that it is practical for use by veterinarians providing individual or small flock care, unlike other books that are organized by name of disease or causative organism. This book is especially useful in the initial stages of creating a differential disease listing based on the presenting clinical signs and provides information on treatment of individual or small-flock birds, whereas many other books currently available were created to solve large-flock problems in a commercial setting.

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