Beef Practice: Cow-Calf Production Medicine 1st Edition

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Beef Practice: Cow-Calf Production Medicine 1st Edition

by Peter J. Chenoweth, Year 2005, FileType: PDF

Beef Practice Cow Calf Production Medicine 1st Edition

Beef Practice: Cow-Calf Production Medicine is a text and a reference book for students in animal science and veterinary medicine, practitioners, and nutritionists who work with beef producers. Combining beef production and veterinary diagnosis and treatment, this title provides access to clear, concise, and comprehensive information to veterinarians and animal scientists working with beef producers. This title deals primarily with the cow-calf stocker system, and addresses issues of reproduction, nutrition, and health of cows and calves.

The inspiration for, and foundations of, this book may both be traced to an innovative educational program provided for beef cattle veterinarians by the Univer­sity of Nebraska Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center. The Beef Cattle Production Management Certificate Program, which has been in operation for 10 years, is designed to train veterinarians to develop new skills to better serve their beef clients. It does this via a series of educational modules that provide in-depth training in areas related to beef cattle pro­duction, management, and economic strategies. Manual of Practical Veterinary Nursing 1st Edition

This is achieved with a unique multidisciplinary approach in which emphasis is placed upon nontraditional vet­erinary areas including critical thinking, business and financial management, statistics, risk analysis, epi­demiology, applied animal breeding, nutrition, data management and analysis, and communication skills. Veterinarians who are oriented toward production animal agriculture are exposed to new concepts, dis­ciplines, and opportunities. Approximately 130 vet­erinarians and several other specialists, representing an eclectic range of interests and career status, have graduated from this course.

Many of these “gradu­ates” have used their training to assume leadership roles in both the profession and industry, and most, if not all, have been both stimulated and challenged in the process.

The teachers, or “mentors,” who participate in this program also represent a diverse group of key indus­try specialists, prominent scientists, and educators. We have unashamedly drawn heavily on this group in requesting contributions to this book, as well as in providing other input and advice.

Thus this book represents an attempt to build a bridge between traditional beef cattle, cow/calf prac­tice, and a number of emerging opportunities that can enable veterinarians to become more effective at the level of whole-farm management. In pursuing this goal, the underlying premise has been that the information provided should be both easily accessi­ble and useful, although occasional forays into the esoteric were not discouraged.

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