Boorman’s Pathology of the Rat Reference and Atlas 2nd Edition

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Boorman’s Pathology of the Rat Reference and Atlas 2nd Edition

By Gary A. Boorman, Andrew W. Suttie, Year 2017, File Type: PDF

Boorman's Pathology Of The Rat Reference And Atlas 2nd Edition

Boorman’s Pathology of the Rat: Reference and Atlas 2nd Edition, continues its history as the most comprehensive pathology reference on rat strains for researchers across science and medicine using rat models in the laboratory. It offers readers an added emphasis on the Sprague-Dawley and Wistar rat strains that is consistent with current research across academia, government, and industry.

In addition, the book provides standard diagnostic criteria, basic content on histology, histological changes that result from drug toxicity and neoplasm, pathology terminology, and four-color photographs from the NTP archive and database. With updated references and photographs, as well as coverage of all rat strains, this book is not only the standard in the field, but also an invaluable resource for toxicologists, biologists, and other scientists engaged in regulatory toxicology who must make the transition from pathology results to the promulgation of meaningful regulations.

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In this volume a standard work has been brought up-to-date in a manner which strongly supports these objectives. In each chapter the development of the system considered is detailed, changes, variations not suggestive of disease are brought to the reader’s attention, and pathological processes reviewed in a systematic way.

Attention is drawn to the way in which choices about sampling tissues or the methodology used to investigate them—these have changed rapidly in recent years—may affect the interpretation of results. For many years the use of special stains, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy represented the backbone of tissue investigation, now we are able to scan tissues to detect lesions rather than rely on “random” sampling (however well standardized) we can look at gene expression or suppression using reliable and comparatively simple techniques and document the mode of action of agents administered in experiments in ways which greatly facilitate our understanding of what has happened to the normal structure in the development of the disease process.

Rat studies are the core of investigations carried out in the regulation of drugs, agrochemicals and the myriad compounds used in various aspects of our complex society. Interpretation of the histological results of rat studies is often the critical point in determining exposure levels that might be harmful to man or other animals. This volume will be invaluable in ensuring that those interpretations are rational and informed; the many beautiful illustrations will help any histopathologist charged with those responsibilities.

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