Broodmare Reproduction for the Equine Practitioner


A concise and liberally illustrated working guide on Broodmare health and breeding management for veterinarians, veterinary students and breeders.

Broodmare Reproduction for the Equine Practitioner

Broodmare Reproduction For The Equine Practitioner

The presentation includes all of the clinical procedures and assessments necessary for maintaining the health and breeding soundness of the Broodmare. This handy reference covers the use of ultrasonography for diagnosis and monitoring of the mare, cytologic studies essential to diagnosis, normal and abnormal reproductive anatomy, culturing techniques for infections, diseases affecting the reproductive capacity of the broodmare and detailed guideline.

Reproduction plays a prominent role in equine private practice. Breeding problems and their resolution are a frequent challenge to many practitioners. This book is intended to serve as a practical basis to aid students, new graduates, mixed animal practitioners, and equine emphasis veterinarians alike in their understanding and management of broodmares.

The book is not intended to be an all-inclusive reference text for equine reproductive problems. Rather the basics are presented as a foundation, a solid base, on which to build during your life-long learning process. I firmly believe that we do not know or understand all there is to know.

We must confront the challenges of our profession with an open mind, a curiosity for new events and findings, a willingness to admit we do not have an answer to every question, and the dedication to seek an answer whenever and wherever possible.

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