Cardiovascular Disease in Small Animal Medicine PDF Download


Cardiovascular Disease in Small Animal Medicine PDF Download. The softcover edition of this comprehensive and superbly illustrated book contains key updates to the text and references focused on common cardiovascular diseases and their management, including therapy for congestive heart failure and arrhythmias, reflecting the main developments in cardiology and in practice.

Cardiovascular Disease in Small Animal Medicine PDF

Cardiovascular Disease In Small Animal Medicine PDF Download

The book is organized into three sections. The initial chapters (1–5) review the normal cardiovascular system and common methods used for cardiac evaluation. Chapters 6–17 contain overviews of common clinical problems, approaches to differentiating these clinical manifestations of disease, and management of heart failure and arrhythmia. Finally, more detailed information about specific cardiovascular diseases is organized anatomically in chapters 18–25.

The danger in this organizational structure is the potential for excessive repetition. I have tried to minimize redundancy by cross-referencing among the various chapters. As a consequence, it may be necessary to turn to a different page for the desired information. I hope the reader will forgive such inconvenience in the interest of keeping the book to a more concise length. The chapter reference lists are not exhaustive, but include important and representative resources. Readers who wish for more detailed information, especially related to certain procedures or diseases, are urged to refer directly to individual references.

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