This Cattle and Sheep Medicine 2nd Edition PDF Self-Assessment Color Review SACR details the important clinical features of a range of common diseases of ruminants encountered in first-opinion practice in a problem-based format.

Cattle and Sheep Medicine 2nd Edition PDF Self-Assessment Color Review

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Cattle and Sheep Medicine 2nd Edition Self-Assessment Color Review contains many diseases not featured in the first edition. However, common diseases featured in the first edition are included, but the situations have been changed to mimic general practice; a  disease does not always manifest the same clinical features every time. New images have been added for all the cases and multiple choice questions have been added for undergraduate revision purposes because this examination format is commonly adopted by many veterinary schools.

The clinical cases are not ordered in organ system, thereby mimicking the random presentation of cases during a busy round of calls in practice. The diagnosis and treatment regimens described herein are those used by the author over the past 30 years in commercial large animal practice in the UK; they acknowledge the time and financial restrictions in many situations but require no specialised facilities or equipment.

The book is designed for veterinary undergraduates during their clinical rotations and for the recent graduate who encounters the occasional farm animal problem in mixed practice. All suggestions for further cases, comments and suggestions will be gratefully received and acknowledged by the author.

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