Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of Exotic Species 1st Edition PDF

Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of Exotic Species 1st Edition PDF. One of the main pleasures I have in working with exotic species is the fascinating diversity among my patients.

Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of Exotic Species 1st Edition PDF

Clinical Anatomy And Physiology Of Exotic Species 1st Edition PDF

This book, written by vets for vets, aims to merge the wealth of zoological research with veterinary medicine – bringing the reader from the dissection table into the realms of clinical practice and living patients. To this end, I have included clinical notes where applicable and items of general interest about many species.

Daily in practice I see living evolution from frogs to snakes to birds and small mammals. Each one presents a clinical challenge whether it is saving a tortoise found drowning in a pond, treating a parrot with sinusitis or an anorexic rabbit. Yet we really need to understand the basics – how reptiles breathe, the structure of the psittacine sinuses and the complex gastrointestinal physiology of the rabbit – before we can properly treat these unique pets.

The internal structure and function of exotic species has always intrigued me, yet the topic was traditionally not taught at Veterinary College. I wrote this book with the intention of both redressing this balance and answering the many questions, which interest those who work with exotics. Why, for example, don’t birds’ ears pop when they fly, why are rabbits obligate nose breathers and how can a lizard drop its tail and grow a new one?

Over the last ten years veterinary knowledge of the medicine and surgery of exotic animals has rapidly expanded yet the basic structure and function of these diverse species have never been drawn together in a single text. With the increasing numbers of exotic pets, veterinary surgeons are at a considerable disadvantage trying to treat sick reptile, avian and rodent patients without having in-depth knowledge of the normal bare bones beneath.

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