Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat 3rd Edition PDF Download


Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat 3rd Edition PDF Download. This new 3rd edition is composed of two main sections. The first elaborates on the medical approach to solving common medical problems.

Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat 3rd Edition PDF Download

Clinical Medicine Of The Dog And Cat 3rd Edition PDF Download

These additional short topics, written by experts, include medical history taking, polydipsia and polyuria, pigmenturia, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, dyspnea, cough, fever of unknown origin, epistaxis, and pallor. The practical application of the information in these sections is presented with text, tables, and algorithms. The objective of this clinical problems section is merely to emphasize the logical clinical approach to the selected clinical signs.

The second section contains detailed medical information covering most organ systems. The Appendix contains selected clinical case material that applies some of the principles of medicine discussed in this textbook. The new chapters are authored by experienced specialists, and cover new topics or provide a completely rewritten approach to chapters included in previous editions of the book.

They include diseases of the oral cavity and teeth, respiratory diseases, approach to thoracic radiographs, approach to abdominal radiographs, neuromuscular disorders, cardiovascular disorders, digestive diseases, uronephrology, and disorders of hemostasis. Other chapters from the 2nd edition have been revised by their authors with the inclusion of additional text and images.

The editors adhered to the original organizational plan of Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat, which was to cover disorders of all organ systems as well as the associated sub specialties of veterinary internal medicine. However, in order to make this a practical text for our projected audience, we omitted certain valuable topics such as genetics, preventive medicine, and coverage of the reproductive system. These areas are instead included as a part of the organ systems chapters where indicated. Ophthalmology and dermatology certainly have enough information to fill books in their own right. Therefore, the editors requested that the information provided be restricted to what would most likely impact on internal medicine.

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