Complications in Equine Surgery 1st Edition


Complications in Equine Surgery 1st Edition

by Luis M. Rubio-Martínez, Dean A. Hendrickson, May 4, 2021, FileType: PDF

Complications In Equine Surgery 1st Edition

A groundbreaking reference on complications associated with equine surgical procedures

Complications in Equine Surgeryis the first reference to focus exclusively on understanding, preventing, recognizing, managing, and prognosing, technical and post-procedural complications in equine surgery. Edited by two noted experts on the topic, the book presents evidence-based information using a clear approach, organized by body system. Featuring color images, the book contains detailed coverage of the gastrointestinal, respiratory, musculoskeletal, urogenital, and neurological systems. Veterinary Echocardiography 2nd Edition PDF Download

Each chapter contains a short introduction of the procedure with explanations of when and how the procedure is to be performed. All chapters review how to recognize and prevent technical complications and explain how to manage post-operative complications. This important text:

  • Offers the first resource specifically focused on complications encountered in equine surgery
  • Takes a helpful format organized by body system
  • Provides consistently formatted chapters for ease of use
  • Covers clinically relevant information for dealing with technical and post-operative complications
  • Presents more than 350 color images to illustrate the concepts described

Written for general practitioners and specialists, Complications in Equine Surgery is an essential resource to decreasing morbidity and mortalityand increasing surgical success in horses.

The editors are delighted to present this new textbook Complications in Equine Surgery. The original idea of this project came from one of the editors (LRM) during his early years as a surgery resident and young equine surgeon. In 2014, LRM and DAH started with the design of the project and in 2015 Wiley Blackwell came on board. After another 6 years we are finally seeing the project completed. The aim of this project was to gather relevant and important information to increase awareness, literacy, and evidence on the prevention, identification, and management of complications commonly associated with diagnostic and surgical procedures performed on equine patients. Literature resources of this kind are common and abundant in human medicine but limited in equine surgery, and veterinary medicine in general. The editors present this textbook in a format that markedly differs from other equine and veterinary textbooks. Complications are the mainstay of the chapters, which are divided into a number of sections including definition, risk factors, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. This textbook is not only aimed at equine surgery residents and surgeons, but also to all those equine clinicians that very often and carefully take care of the patients in their pre- and postoperative times. We trust that all of you will find this textbook useful.

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