Concepts and Applications in Veterinary Toxicology: An Interactive Guide


Concepts and Applications in Veterinary Toxicology: An Interactive Guide by P.K. Gupta September 2019, The book

Concepts And Applications In Veterinary Toxicology An Interactive Guideentitled Concepts and Applications in Veterinary Toxicology: An Interactive Guide covers a broad spectrum of topics for the students specializing in veterinary toxicology and veterinary medical practitioners. The major emphasis of the book is to briefly highlight specialized topics essential for veterinary specialists. A great attention has been given to common toxicants to which several species, including pet animals, are exposed to a variety of toxicants. The subject of veterinary toxicology is complicated greatly by the wide variations in responses of domestic, companion, aquatic, wild, and zoo species to toxicants.

Therefore, emphasis has also been given to species variation and diagnostic toxicology including clinical management that is more relevant to veterinary profession. The author’s own experience in different branches of veterinary toxicology has been abstracted in this book. In the last few decades, veterinary toxicologists have faced the enormous task of dealing with a flood of new farm chemicals and household products. Understanding the complete profile (especially mechanisms of toxicity) of each toxicant is the biggest challenge for today’s veterinary toxicologists.

This book has 15 chapters that cover several topics, such as general principles of toxicology, current status, factors affecting toxicity, absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, mechanism of toxicity, toxic effects of various xenobiotics, poisonings of poisonous and venomous organisms, toxicities from human drugs, bacteria and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), mycotoxicosis, feed contaminant toxicity, and food hazards in pets and veterinary drug residue hazards. The last chapter is exclusively devoted to veterinary clinical toxicology which deals with the principles of diagnosis, followed by the general management of poisoning of the patients including methods of removal of poisons from the body and treatment of poisoning.

Each chapter in this book starts with the introduction and key points relevant to the topic, then concept and applications, followed by questions and answers that include short questions and answers, multiple choice questions, true/false or correct/incorrect statements, fill in the blanks, and match the statements. It is a unique book in veterinary toxicology that is prepared to offer a comprehensive concepts and application resource to veterinary toxicologists, students, teachers, clinicians, and animal health scientists. This book is more student-teacher-friendly, is targeted primarily for the classroom and practitioners, and is written in a manner to stimulate interest on various facets of the subject and make it more exciting. The sample exercises of questions and answers will support active learning because these exercises will not only be a useful tool for the teachers of veterinary toxicology who need inspiration when composing questions for their students but will also help all teachers practicing in medical toxicology and toxicologists engaged in various disciplines.

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