Cow Signals – A Practical Guide for Dairy Farm Management, Cow Signals is no t a textbook but a guide on how to observe and evaluate. So it contains more than 250 pictures and illustrations that clearly show what observations can
be made.

Cow Signals – A Practical Guide for Dairy Farm Management

Cow Signals, A Practical Guide For Dairy Farm Management

Looking at the examples and working through the picture quizzes will help you to look at your own cows from a new perspective. And it will help you to look through a cow’s eyes – at the cowshed, for example.

When writing this book, I decided not to approach the subject by focussing on individual aspects of farm enterprises, disciplines , or the anatomy of the cow. So you won’t find chapters about milk production, housing, or lameness. The book focuses on both be mentioned at various places. but from different viewpoints (sometimes literally).

In the cowshed you will look at conformation, at pasture you can evaluate locomotion, and in the par­lour you can see all four legs in detail from the front, side, and rear. And when foot trimming, the sole provides additional information.

The format of Cow Signals will encourage you to ‘graze’ through the book more than once. Every time you pick up the book you’ll find something new and interesting . The text can be search ed easily using the index at the back.

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