Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, 5th Edition


Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, 5th Edition. This book has been a long time coming and has taken many hours of sweat and tears to finish.

Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, 5th Edition

Current Techniques In Small Animal Surgery, 5th Edition

It has been anticipated for several years and has been delayed because of the extensive amount of new and refurbished art work which was required.

The book is designed to be a concise, comprehensive and highly graphic presentation of small animal surgery for the practicing veterinarian. It represents the viewpoints and surgical approaches of distinguished leaders in the various surgical fields and is therefore a valuable reference and review of the procedures that the veterinary practitioner is often called upon to perform.

I have had innumerable veterinarians call me and say that they use this book daily and could not do the surgery they do without it. I instructed the authors to make each procedure accurate and current. Detailed but clear artwork accompanies each procedure and continues to be an important feature of this book for both students and practitioners. In this day and age the general small animal practitioner is asked to do more and more complicated procedures since many clients cannot afford a specialist. This book makes it possible for them to safely and accurately perform a broader range of procedures, and I have had many veterinarians tell me that they consider this the “bible” and that they could not practice without it.

This new edition has been highly anticipated and is finally completed. I must thank each and every author for their hard work, dedication and patience throughout the revision process. My special thanks go to Drs. Waldron and Toombs, consulting soft tissue and orthopedic editors. Their untiring dedication made this book finally become a reality.

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