Diagnosis and Treatment of Joint Diseases of Small Animals


Diagnosis and Treatment of Joint Diseases of Small Animals, Today, small animal clinicians encounters dogs and cats suffering from joint diseases more frequently than before.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Joint Diseases of Small Animals

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Joint Disease Of Small Animal

This is due to the increase in life expectancy of the animals and the current trend of people having medium to large breeds of dogs, which are more likely to develop joint disorders, as pets. Quite often veterinarians find it difficult to accurately diagnose and treat joint diseases because of the particular functional characteristics of joints.  In this article, the outline of the methods of diagnosing and treating joint diseases of small animals are described.

This book fills a gap that exists between the quick reference texts that have proliferated recently and more extensive medical reference texts. It provides an approach to problems in manageable and meaningful chunks to create conceptual understanding, rather than providing an outline of facts and recommendations.

The book is probably most useful for veterinary students and new graduates overwhelmed by the amount of information in other texts but facing animals with problems in their clinics. It would also be a handy off-the-shelf reference for practitioners faced with rare problems or hoping to avoid overlooking a key differential diagnosis. Students who work through the book in a thoughtful manner can be expected to gain skills in problem identification and the mechanistic diagnostic approach.

Working through the clinical vignettes also strikes me as an excellent way to prepare for the national licensing examination, with more learning gained than anticipated from practicing multiple-choice questions. In summary, this book should be an excellent investment for veterinary students and small animal practitioners.

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