Diseases of The Goat 4th Edition PDF

Diseases of the Goat 4th Edition PDF, is a revised and updated edition of the popular tool for veterinarians featuring of all aspects of goat medicine—from initial assessment and examination to diagnosis, treatment, and control of conditions. This highly practical, concise handbook is designed for frequent reference, and is suitable for all those treating and keeping goats.

Diseases of The Goat 4th Edition PDF

Diseases Of The Goat 4th Edition PDF

The original concept was to provide a reason-ably priced text that would provide useful and practical information for veterinary surgeons, whether they were in farm animal, mixed or small animal practice, and that would also be of use to students and goat keepers. Despite the plethora of information that is now available on the Internet, I still believe that the book provides a valuable source of information that is readily accessible, whether kept in the car, surgery or on the farm.

The identification of a new disease in ruminants throughout Northern Europe, caused by Schmallenberg virus, which followed the arrival of blue tongue virus earlier in the century, and outbreaks of tuberculosis, long thought by British goat keepers to be of no importance in goats, which occurred in both commercial and show herds, emphasised the fact that no country is an island, let alone an individual farm, so I have included more information on exotic diseases in this edition.

In response to requests from readers of the third edition, I have expanded the chapter on poisonous plants to make it more relevant for readers out-with the United Kingdom and included information on predators, euthanasia, postmortem techniques and fracture repair. As in the previous editions, I have tried to include new references that are likely to be relevant to the veterinarian in practice and updated the information throughout the book.

  • Provides information on to predators, euthanasia, post-mortem technique, and fracture repair
  • Includes expanded coverage of a number of topics to appeal to a wider and more international audience especially in relation to poisonous plants
  • Incorporates the impact of new developments in goat diseases, such as the geographical spread of exotic diseases into new regions. Password: pdflibrary.net

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