Equine Infectious Diseases 2nd Edition PDF Download

by Debra C. Sellon, Year 2013, File Type: PDF

Equine Infectious Diseases 2nd Edition PDF Download

Equine Infectious Diseases 2nd Edition PDF Download, Due to the superb contributions of our authors and writer, the primary version of Equine Infectious Ailments was a important success.

Our aim for the second version is to proceed to supply “anybody keen on equine well being with a single supply abstract” of worldwide equine infectious illnesses that meets the achievement of the primary e-book. We hope we achieved this total aim by redefining the targets of a number of chapters, counting on lots of the similar equine and infectious illness students of the primary version, and turning over the authorship in about 15% to 20% of the brand new version to supply contemporary views by way of new experience.

  • Public health considerations presented in nearly every chapter discuss zoonotic disease potential and precautions, as well as other public health concerns.
  • Appendix of infectious disease rule-outs for medical problems shows which symptoms may indicate specific infectious diseases with cross-references to the chapters in which they are discussed.
  • Antimicrobial drug formulary appendix provides information on adjusting dosages on the basis of clinical and toxicologic data.
  • Appendix for vaccination guidelines for horses in North America helps horse traders understand the necessary steps to avoid hefty fines and even license suspensions for non-compliance.
  • The most up-to-date immunization recommendations for horses in North America, organized by foals/weanlings, yearlings, performance horses, pleasure horses, and broodmares.
  • Easy access to references on PubMed links you to the original abstracts, with content updates to keep you aware of new infectious diseases and their impact on people and animals, as well as stunning downloadable images.
  • Full-color photos and illustrations provide clear, accurate representations of clinical appearances of infectious diseases.
  • NEW! The most up-to-date coverage of equine piroplasmosis reflects what experts have learned as more outbreaks of this tick-borne disease have occurred in the US.
  • NEW! Content on EHV-1 keeps you current on the diagnosis and treatment of this potentially serious disease in horses.
  • NEW! Information on how global climate changes are creating more diseases in horses keeps you alert to the possibilities of new and emerging diseases worldwide.
  • NEW! Expanded coverage of biosecurity on farms and in veterinary practices helps you develop an effective biosecurity program and emphasizes how to isolate or eliminate the source of infectious agents.
  • NEW! Additional clinical algorithms offer detailed prevention strategies in addition to diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines.
  • NEW! New appendix of product and diagnostic test kit manufacturers on the companion website, gives you access to the most current products and advances available in equine medicine.

Within the 6 years since publication of the primary e-book, equine infectious illnesses proceed to dominate equine scientific drugs, whereas researchers within the equine sciences have contributed new information to our understanding of many devastating infectious circumstances that plague the business.

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Within the face of those losses and good points, world markets underwent seismic shifts which have positively modified the equine business and created new challenges due to restricted sources for controlling and learning previous and new pathogens. Password: pdflibrary.net

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