Equine Surgery 3rd Edition Book PDF Download


Equine Surgery 3rd Edition Book PDF Download. Since the publication of the first edition in 1992, Equine Surgery has been accepted as a definitive clinical reference and teaching text.

Equine Surgery 3rd Edition Book PDF Download

Equine Surgery 3rd Edition Book PDF Download

Like the first two editions, the third edition of the book has been prepared as a foundation text for the art and science of modern equine surgery. Our intent was to produce a comprehensive textbook that would be of practical help to general practitioners, as well as provide specialists and surgeons in training with a single reference source on equine surgery. Accordingly, this third edition of the book has been significantly enlarged and includes new information, new authors, additional illustrations, and many more line drawings and tables.

The task of reviewing the ever expanding literature into concise chapters was considerable. As the editors, we divided the responsibility for organizing the sections and inviting authors between the two of us; and, we believe that the outcome is consistency of content and presentation in the final text. Additionally, we deliberately avoided omitting well-known material and concentrating only on state of the art techniques and procedures. We felt it was important that students, practitioners, and clinicians have a comprehensive textbook, discussing all aspects of this exciting field in-depth, while staying current with new developments.

All chapters in the third edition have been completely revised and updated. Many new chapters were added in areas of this discipline that are rapidly expanding. While many authors remained the same, many new authors have been added to this text, and we are indebted to all contributing authors who helped us produce this book in a timely fashion. We especially would like to thank David Freeman, Anton Fürst, Susan Holcombe, Pete Knox, Wayne McIlwraith and Rolfe M. Radcliff who provided a critical review of the second edition, making suggestions for revision and improvement of the third edition of this text. We are also indebted to the staff of Elsevier, including Elizabeth Fathman, Jolynn Gower (our most pleasant and constant contact), John Dedeke, and especially John Casey (for his tireless quest to keep the project on time and the editors happy).

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