Essential Oils For Pets: A Complete Practical Guide of Natural Remedies and Ailments

by Susan Scott, Published: March 6, 2015, FileType: PDF

Essential Oils For Pets A Complete Practical Guide Of Natural Remedies And Ailments

This book will help you learn all about Essential Oils for your loving pet. You will learn safe and healthy methods to help and heal your dog or cat at home using simple essential oils.

Essential oils are becoming better known as an alternative treatment for pets and people alike. With clinical studies currently underway in Europe, Australia, Japan, India, the United States, and Canada, many of these studies describe the remarkable healing properties of various oils. Veterinary Clinical Skills Manual 1st Edition

Here’s What You’ll Learn
•Safe essential oils to use for your pet
•The art of blending essential oils
•Unsafe Essential Oils
•Remedies for common pet ailments that include:
– fleas and ticks
– car-ride anxiety, depression, calming
– car sickness
– allergies
– burns
– ulcers
– arthritis, joint and muscle problems
– weight loss
– ear infections, And Much More!

Susan Scott, the author, survived a bleeding ulcer and was hospitalized for days after severe blood loss. She found the healing qualities of essential oils and discovered a whole new world. With three little and very demanding Maltese Shih Tzus of her own, she learned the exciting art of blending essential oils for herself and her dogs. The biggest problem she overcame for her beloved dogs was fleas, as some medications from the vet and pet stores were not only expensive but did not work effectively. In addition, her oldest dog, 11 year old Sasha had a lot of doggie anxiety going on (licking fly screens cannot be good) so she found some excellent calming oils for her.

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