Evolution and Fossil Record of African Proboscidea


Evolution and Fossil Record of African Proboscidea

by William J. Sanders, Published: 2023

Evolution and fossil record of african proboscidea

Evolution and Fossil Record of African Proboscidea, This book details the long, diverse, and complex phylogenetic history of elephants and their fossil relatives (the Proboscidea), whose origin is deeply embedded some 60 million years ago in Africa. Most of the major evolutionary events of proboscideans occurred in Africa, and these are examined in their geological, paleoecological, geographic, and faunal contexts.

Updated information about feeding adaptations, taxonomy and systematics, genetics, and site occurrences is included and summarized in tables, figures, and charts. This is the first comprehensive review of African proboscideans and illustrates the need to more actively protect elephants and ensure their survival in modern ecosystems….

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Key Features

  • Provides a comprehensive systematic review of the African proboscidean fossil record
  • Includes a summary of taxonomy, geochronology, biogeography and morphology
  • Documents major faunal events including those associated with hominin origins
  • Synthesizes new data from genomic, isotopic, and microware analyses
  • Emphasizes the role of elephants in ecosystems and the importance of conservation

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