Farm Animals Diseases, Recent Omic Trends and New Strategies of Treatment PDF. The scope of this book is to present the most recent trends based on omic analyses of microorganisms causing diseases in farm animals and how these approaches result in new strategies of treatment.

Farm Animals Diseases, Recent Omic Trends and New Strategies of Treatment PDF

Farm Animals Diseases, Recent Omic Trends And New Strategies Of Treatment PDF

The topics in this book include fasciolosis, avian coccidiosis, bovine anaplasmosis, tick-borne diseases, and babesiosis, among others.

This book presents the recent advances in the omic field with an emphasis on how these analyses have led researchers to know the mechanisms that pathogens use to invade and colonize the host cell of farm animals. In this way, new treatments of control and prevention can be employed.

Infectious diseases not only represent one of the biggest threats to public health but also to animal health and welfare. A significant number of pathogenic microorganisms can be transmitted by vectors; among these, vector-borne pathogens are considered important since they can spread easily pathogens to previously pathogen-free livestock areas.

Nowadays, we can identify cultured or non-cultured organisms with molecular techniques and even reconstruct a phylogeny to propose a new species or reclassify reported microorganisms.

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